The PSLS01 series of AC/DC converters offers 1 watt of output power in a compact SIP package. This series consists of single output models with a wide input voltage range of 85-305VAC/70-430VDC. Each model in this series has high efficiency, low power consumption, over current and short circuit protection, as well as the option for 90º bent pins. This series has IEC60950, EN60950 and UL60950 safety approvals and is RoHS compliant.

• Input Voltage Range of 85-305VAC/70-430VDC • AC and DC Dual-Use (Input From Same Terminal) • Compact Size • Low Power Consumption • Industrial Grade • Over Current and Short Circuit Protection • RoHS Compliant • High Power Density • Standard or 90º Bend SIP Package • IEC60950, EN60950, and UL60950 Safety Approvals
Power (W)
PSLS01-15B05SS Input Voltage: 85~305 Output Voltage: 5 Output Current: 200mA Output Power (W): 1 No. Outputs: S Case: Through Hole Get a Quote
PSLS01-15B09SS Input Voltage: 85~305 Output Voltage: 9 Output Current: 111mA Output Power (W): 1 No. Outputs: S Case: Through Hole Get a Quote
PSLS01-15B12SS Input Voltage: 85~305 Output Voltage: 12 Output Current: 83mA Output Power (W): 1 No. Outputs: S Case: Through Hole Get a Quote
PSLS01-15B15SS Input Voltage: 85~305 Output Voltage: 15 Output Current: 67mA Output Power (W): 1 No. Outputs: S Case: Through Hole Get a Quote
PSLS01-15B24SS Input Voltage: 85~305 Output Voltage: 24 Output Current: 42mA Output Power (W): 1 No. Outputs: S Case: Through Hole Get a Quote
Specification Value
Input Voltage (Nominal): 115/277
Input Voltage Range: 85~305
Input Frequency: 47~63Hz
Output Voltage: 5, 9, 12, 15, 24
Voltage Accuracy: 5V Models: ±8% Other Models: ±5%
Output Current: 42mA, 67mA, 83mA, 111mA, 200mA
Output Power (Watts): 1
Short Circuit Protection: Continuous, Self-Recovery
Efficiency: Up to 70%
Isolation: 3000VAC
Operating Temperature: -40 to +85ºC
Storage Temperature: -40 to +105ºC
Weight: 0.21oz (6g)
Dimensions: Standard: 1.38in x 0.66in x 0.43in (35mm x 16.45mm x 11mm)
90º Bend Pin Package: 1.38in x 0.71in x 0.43in (35mm x 18mm x 0.11mm)
Notes & safety
Notes: 1. 90 degree SIP package is available for each model in this series. To indicate 90 degree package, add “-F” to model number. Ex. PSLS01-15B05SS-F.
2. Ripple and noise are measured by “parallel cable” method.
3. External electrolytic capacitors are required to modules, for more info refer to typical applications
4. In order to increase conversion efficiency of the product with light load in the design, product will have slight audio noise when it is operating, but will not affect the product’s reliability and performance
5. Module required dispensing fixed after assembled.
6. Product customization is available.
7. This product is Listed to applicable standards and requirements by UL.
*Due to advances in technology, specifications subject to change without notice.
Safety Approvals: IEC60950, EN60950, UL60950
RoHS Compliance: Yes

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