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Introducing ELANE-6KV: A high isolation, industrial DC/DC converter

Wall Industries introduces ELANE-6KV: a series of high isolation DC/DC Converters


The new series ELANE-6KV has just been introduced by Wall Industries. This is a 1 watt series of DC/DC converters that offers 6KV isolation in a 0.77” x 0.28” x 0.39” SIP package. Both single and dual unregulated output models are available with either 3.3VDC, 5VDC, 9VDC, 12VDC, 15VDC, or 24VDC nominal input options.

The ELANE-6KV series has several stand-out features. Not only does it have internal SMD construction, but it also has 7 pins and short circuit protection. This series is RoHS compliant and features UL60950-1 approval for several models. For full series details, visit the ELANE-6KV series page.


Model Table for ELANE-6KV

Model Number Input Voltage Range Output Voltage Output Current Ripple & Noise Efficiency Output Power
ELANEx05S6KV See Below Note 5V 200mA 100mVp-p 70% 1 Watt
ELANEx09S6KV 9V 112mA 75%
ELANEx12S6KV 12V 84mA 78%
ELANEx15S6KV 15V 67mA 80%
ELANEx24S6KV 24V 42mA 82%


Model Number Input Voltage Range Output Voltage Output Current Ripple & Noise Efficiency Output Power
ELANEx05D6KV See Below Note ±5VDC ±100mA 100mVp-p 70% 1 Watt
ELANEx09D6KV ±9VDC ±56mA 75%
ELANEx12D6KV ±12VDC ±42mA 78%
ELANEx15D6KV ±15VDC ±34mA 80%
ELANEx24D6KV ±24VDC ±21mA 82%

Note: X in Model Number Indicates Input:
3 for 3.3VDC (2.97~3.63VDC)
5 for 5VDC (4.5~5.5VDC)
9 for 9VDC (8.1~9.9VDC)
12 for 12VDC (10.8~13.2VDC)
15 for 15VDC (13.5~16.5VDC)
24 for 24VDC (21.6~26.4VDC)

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