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New 250 Watt Medical/Industrial Power Supply from Wall Industries

Wall introduces the PSMHBU250 power supply with multiple case options and dual safety standards

Wall Industries’ newest power supply is the PSMHBU250 series that offers up to 250 watts (300 watts peak) of output power. This series features a wide operating voltage of 85-264VAC and single output models ranging from 12-48VDC in either an open frame, enclosed, or enclosed with fan package. The PSMHBU250 series is suitable for ITE and medical applications such as IPC, measurement, telecom, diagnostic systems and mechanical ventilators.

The PSMHBU250 series also high surge immunity, power factor correction, high efficiency, and input to output: 2MOPP. Safety approvals include IEC62368-1 Edition 2.0, UL62368-1, CAN/CSA-C22.2 NO.62368-1-14, EN62368-1:2014, IEC60601-1 Edition 3.2, IEC 60601-1 3.1, ES60601-1:2005(R2012), CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60601-1:14, and EN60601-1:2016/A1:2013. Visit the PSMHBU250 series page for full details.

Open Frame Models
Model Number Output Voltage Output Current Efficiency Output Power
Vo1 Fan Output Vo1 Fan Output
Max1 Max2
PSMHBU250-105 12VDC 12VDC 12.5A 20.83A 12VDC 91% 250W
PSMHBU250-106 15VDC 12VDC 10A 16.66A 12VDC 91%
PSMHBU250-107 19VDC 12VDC 7.89A 13.15A 12VDC 91%
PSMHBU250-108 24VDC 12VDC 6.25A 10.41A 12VDC 92%
PSMHBU250-109 30VDC 12VDC 5A 8.32A 12VDC 92%
PSMHBU250-110 36VDC 12VDC 4.16A 6.94A 12VDC 93%
PSMHBU250-111 48VDC 12VDC 3.12A 5.20A 12VDC 93%
Enclosed Models
Model Number Output Voltage Output Current Efficiency Output Power
PSMHBU250-105E 12VDC 10A 91% 120W
PSMHBU250-106E 15VDC 8A 91%
PSMHBU250-107E 19VDC 6.31A 91%
PSMHBU250-108E 24VDC 5A 92%
PSMHBU250-109E 30VDC 4A 92%
PSMHBU250-110E 36VDC 3.33A 93%
PSMHBU250-111E 48VDC 2.5A 93%
External/Internal Models
Model Number Output Voltage Output Current Efficiency Output Power
PSMHBU250-105Fx 12VDC 20.83A 91% 250W
PSMHBU250-106Fx 15VDC 16.66A 91%
PSMHBU250-107Fx 19VDC 13.15A 91%
PSMHBU250-108Fx 24VDC 10.41A 92%
PSMHBU250-109Fx 30VDC 8.32A 92%
PSMHBU250-110Fx 36VDC 6.94A 93%
PSMHBU250-111Fx 48VDC 5.20A 93%


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Custom Solutions

Wall Industries, Inc. offers fully custom power design capabilities. Our team of electrical and mechanical power design engineers will utilize proven design topologies and concepts to create a solution to your power requirements. If you don’t have a specification, Wall’s engineering team will assist you in determining what your requirements are and how best to provide a solution.

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