PCB Mount Power Supplies

With a focus on space-saving designs, high power density, and reliable performance, our PCB mount power supplies provide seamless integration into your printed circuit boards.

Our PCB mount power supplies offer compact and efficient solutions for a variety of applications, including industrial automation, telecommunications, medical devices, and more.

Explore our collection of PCB mount power supplies to find the perfect solution that enables streamlined integration, enhances system performance, and ensures reliable power delivery for your PCB-based applications.

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Series Input
Power (W)
PSMAY60 PSMAY60 Product Image Input Range: 85~264 Input Voltage: 115/230 Output Voltage: 5.1, 12, 15, 24, 48 No. Outputs: S Output Power (W): 60 Get a Quote
PSAQC100 Input Range: 90~264 Input Voltage: 115/230 Output Voltage: 12, 15, 24, 48 No. Outputs: S Output Power (W): 85, 100 Get a Quote

What are PCB mount power supplies?

PCB mount power supplies are compact, encapsulated electronic modules that typically range from 5 to 60 watts. They are designed for direct installation on a printed circuit board, which saves manufacturers the time and resources of designing their own solutions.

When would you use a PCB mount power supply?

PCB (Printed Circuit Board) mount power supplies offer an advantage over chassis mounted converters, as they can be mounted on the same PCB as the electronics that they are powering.

What industries can benefit from PCB mount power supplies?

PCB mount power supplies can be used on a wide range of electronic devices in many industries. They can be used in applications such as process control, testing and measuring equipment.

What industries use PCB mount power supplies?

PCB mount supplies are typically used in industries that require compact and highly efficient power supplies. These power supplies can be integrated into electronic devices and systems across various industries including industrial and automation sectors, medical environments, as well as the aerospace and vehicle industries.

Can PCB mount power supplies be used in rugged or harsh conditions?

Some PCB mount power supplies are designed for harsh environments and may be ruggedized or have conformal coatings to protect against moisture, dust, and vibration. Always check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure suitability for the intended environment.

Are PCB mount power supplies suitable for high voltage applications?

PCB mount power supplies are typically designed for low to medium power applications. For high-power applications, multiple power supplies can be used in parallel or external power supply solutions might be preferred.

How do i choose the right PCB mount power supply for my application?

You should take into consideration a number of factors when choosing the right PCB mount supply for your application, including the required output voltage, output current rating, input voltage compatibility, efficiency, temperature range, and safety certifications. Additionally, ensure that the power supply meets any specific regulatory requirements for your industry.

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Custom Solutions

Wall Industries, Inc. offers fully custom power design capabilities. Our team of electrical and mechanical power design engineers will utilize proven design topologies and concepts to create a solution to your power requirements. If you don’t have a specification, Wall’s engineering team will assist you in determining what your requirements are and how best to provide a solution.

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