The PSAK1000 series of AC/DC switching power supplies provides up to 1008 Watts of continuous output power in an enclosed design. All models have a single output and a universal input range with active PFC. Some features include efficiency up to 90%, 0.99 typical power factor, remote on/off, and forced current sharing at parallel operation. These supplies have over load, over voltage, over temperature, and short circuit protection.

● RoHS Compliant ● Power OK Signal (Power Good, Logic low) ● Intelligent LED Indicators ● Remote On/Off and Remote Sense Function ● High Efficiency up to 90% ● Forced Current Sharing at Parallel Operation ● +5V/0.5A Auxiliary Output ● Programmable Output Current (20% ~ 105%) ● Universal AC Input with Active PFC ● Programmable Output Voltage (30% ~ 105%) ● 1U Profile, High Power Density 11.1W / in3 ● Protection: OVP, OLP, OTP, SCP, Fan Failure
Power (W)
PSAK-1000-12 Input Voltage: 90~264 Output Voltage: 12 Output Current: 71 A Output Power (W): 852 No. Outputs: S Case: Enclosed with Fan Get a Quote
PSAK-1000-15 Input Voltage: 90~264 Output Voltage: 15 Output Current: 57 A Output Power (W): 855 No. Outputs: S Case: Enclosed with Fan Get a Quote
PSAK-1000-24 Input Voltage: 90~264 Output Voltage: 24 Output Current: 41 A Output Power (W): 984 No. Outputs: S Case: Enclosed with Fan Get a Quote
PSAK-1000-27 Input Voltage: 90~264 Output Voltage: 27 Output Current: 37 A Output Power (W): 999 No. Outputs: S Case: Enclosed with Fan Get a Quote
PSAK-1000-48 Input Voltage: 90~264 Output Voltage: 48 Output Current: 21 A Output Power (W): 1008 No. Outputs: S Case: Enclosed with Fan Get a Quote
Specification Value
Input Voltage (Nominal): 115/230
Input Voltage Range: 90~264
PFC: Yes
Input Frequency: 47-63 Hz
Output Voltage: 12, 15, 24, 27, 48
Voltage Accuracy: ±1%
Output Current: 71A, 57A,41A, 37A, 21A
Output Power (Watts): 852, 855, 984, 999, 1008
Short Circuit Protection: Yes
Over Voltage Protection: Yes
Thermal Protection: Yes
Efficiency: Up to 90%
Isolation: 3000VAC
Operating Temperature: -25 to 60°C
Storage Temperature: -40 to 85°C
Weight: 4.63 lb.
Dimensions: 11.14" x 5" x 1.61" (283 x 127 x 40.9 mm)
Notes & safety
Notes: 1. Ripple & noise is measured at 20MHz bandwidth by using a 12" twisted pair-wire terminated with a 0.1µF capacitor
and a 47µF capacitor in parallel.
2. Tolerances include set up tolerance, line regulation, and load regulation.
3. Derating is required under low input voltages. Please check the derating curve for more details.
4. When in parallel connection only one unit might operate if the total output load is less than 5% of rated load condition.
5. The power supply is considered a component, which will be installed into final equipment. The final equipment must
be re-confirmed that it still meets EMC directives.
6. This product is Listed to applicable standards and requirements by UL.
Due to advances in technology, specifications subject to change without notice.
Safety Approvals: UL/cUL 60950-1, TUV EN60950-1
RoHS Compliance: Yes
TUV Efficiency Level: TUV EN60950-1

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