LANK H Series


The LANK H Series offers 3 watts of output power from a package in IC compatible 24 pin DIP and SMD configurations without derating to 71ºC ambient temperature. The LANK "H" Series has 2:1 wide input voltage of 4.5-6, 9-18, 18-36 and 36-75VDC. This series features 3000VDC of isolation and short-circuit protection. Add suffix “I” for –40°C to +71°C ambient operation. All models are particularly suited to telecommunications, industrial, mobile, telecom and test equipment applications.

Mounting & Case Options

CM = Chassis mount
S = Surface mount
T = Through hole
  • I/O Isolation 3000VDC
  • Over Current Protection
  • MTBF > 3,000,000 Hours
  • High Efficiency Up to 80%
  • 2:1 Wide Input Voltage Range
  • 3 Watts Regulated Output Power
  • International Safety Standard Approval
  • Standard 24 Pin DIP Package & SMT Type Package
Specification Value


Input Voltage (nominal): 48
Input Filter: Pi type


Output Voltage: 15
Voltage Accuracy: ±1%
Output Current: 200mA
Output Power (Watts): 3
Short Circuit Protection: continuous


Isolation: 3000VDC


Operating Temperature: -25°C to +71°C
Extended Operating Temp Option: "I" suffix: -40°C to +71°C
Storage Temperature: -55°C to +105°C
MTBF: 3,690,000 hours


Weight: 15g
Dimensions: 1.25in. × 0.8in. × 0.4in.
Case Material: Non-conductive black plastic


  1. LANK "H" Series requires a minimum 10% load on the output to maintain specified regulation. Operation under no-load condition will not damage these devices; however, they may not meet all listed specifications.

  2. Add an external filter at converter input terminals when measuring input reflected ripple, as figure 1. L: Simulated source impedance of 12uH C: Nippon chemi-con KMF series 47uF/100V

  3. Input current is measured at nominal input voltage and full load of standard type.

  4. Efficiency is taken at nominal input voltage and full load.

  5. Max Capacitor Load is tested by minimum Vin and constant resistive load.

  6. MTBF: BELLCORE TR-NWT-000332. Case 1: 50% Stress, Temperature at 40°C. (Ground fixed and controlled environment).

  7. Add suffix "I" for -40°C to +71°C operation.

  8. Add suffix "S" for SMT type.