LAN B Series

Whether your board requires an SMT or through-hole version DC/DC converter, the LAN B provides power and isolation for local area network (LAN) transceiver chips. The LAN B series is intended for ethernet, cheapernet or starlan local area network applications.

Mounting & Case Options

CM = Chassis mount
S = Surface mount
T = Through hole
  • Available in both SMT and Through Hole Package/Pin-out
  • 500VDC I/O Isolation
  • Single and Dual Outputs
  • Regulated and Non-regulated Versions
Specification Value


Input Voltage (nominal): 5, 12
Input Filter: Pi-Input Filter


Output Voltage: 5, 9, 12, 15, ±5, ±12, ±15
Voltage Accuracy: ±5%
Output Current: see table
Output Power (Watts): 2
Short Circuit Protection: continuous


Isolation: 500VDC


Operating Temperature: 0°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature: -25°C to +125°C


Dimensions: Through-Hole: 1.27" x 0.62" x 0.40" (32.26 x 15.75 x 10.16 mm)
SMT: 1.30" x 0.58" x 0.40" (33.02 x 14.73 x 10.16 mm)
Case Material: Non-metallic


  1. Add "SMT" to end of part number to indicate SMT package.

  2. All case and pin-to-case dimensions reference only unless otherwise noted.

  3. Highly isolated 2000V rms available consult factory.